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to the Career and Personal Development Institute.
We are a group of professional career counselors and consultants who work independently as private practitioners. We have extensive experience working with individuals and employees as they make successful work and life transitions and are dedicated to helping you make the changes you want in your work and your life. Together we can develop a plan to meet your needs. We look forward to working with you…

Services for Individuals

Are you…

  • conducting a job search?
  • dissatisfied with your work and wanting to make a change?
  • motivated to enhance your current job?
  • wishing you could improve your leadership skills?
  • eager to create a healthier work-life balance?
  • ready to explore future career options?
  • returning to work after an absence?
  • thinking about starting your own business?
  • panicked by an impending layoff?

Services for Organizations

Are you…

  • going through a reorganization?
  • downsizing or outsourcing?
  • undergoing a merger or consolidation?
  • in need of individual outplacement services?
  • interested in management and career development?
  • wanting to address individual interpersonal or leadership skills?
  • dealing with toxic coworkers?

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